To keep the website and the cloud storages alive, it needs a little bit of money. Since transparency is important to me, i would like to show you how much costs are caused per year and how much of it is covered by donations and advertising.

The costs are made up of the following components (per year):

  • 99.99 € (Google Drive 2 TB Storage)
  • 60.00 € (HiDrive Cloud 500 GB Storage)
  • 64.80 € (Flatbooster WebService)
  • 251.88 € (Linux Rootserver)

Not included are things like electricity, my private internet bill and other hardware and software I used to create the Earth Maps.

Here you can see an overview of the current funding goal:


If you would like to help me, you can donate some money via PayPal. For 10 USD, you will get the Supporter Role on my Discord.

Previous years

2020359.10 €476.67 €75,3 %
2019167.60 €476.67 €35,2 %