Don’t want to play alone?

Don’t worry, there are multiple multiplayer servers running this map.

All links in this list point to external websites and servers. I have no control over their content. So please be careful.

Name Address Links Version
Myth of the flat Website Discord Live-Map ModpackForge 1.12.2 Website Discord Live-Map1.15.1 Website1.12.1 Website Discord Live-Map1.14.4
Kaiser's Discord Live-Map1.14.4 Live-Map1.14.4
Globia188.165.34.132:25578 Discord Live-Map1.12.2
Keoli Discord Live-Map1.12.2
TwinScythe Kingdoms64.94.95.106:21225 Discord Live-Map ModpackForge 1.12.2 Discord1.14.4
Towny Discord Live-Map1.13.2
TRK Discord Live-Map1.14.3 Website Discord1.13.2 Website Discord Live-Map1.15.1
MedievalMC23.95.115.190 Discord Live-Map1.14.4
SP-RP EarthSMP [War, RP Factions and More] Discord1.14.4 Website Discord Live-Map1.13.2
ExploreKraftExploreKraft.ML Website Discord Live-Map1.8.9-1.15.1 Website Live-Map
EarthCraft earthcraft.mcph.eu1.12.2
Earth? Aww Discord1.15.1
Zuncraft Website Discord Live-Map1.15.2
Earth Anarchy51.81.238.56 Discord Modpack
World War Discord Live-Map1.15.1
CityTime Website Discord Live-Map1.14 Discord Live-Map1.15.1
Earth Website Discord Live-MapBedrock Website Discord Live-Map1.14.4 - 1.15.1 Discord Live-Map1.15.2
Crimson Discord Live-Map1.15.2
Elite Crew Real Planet 1:1000 Hard-Core188.138.130.243:25565 Website Discord Live-Map1.14.4 Discord Live-Map1.15.1 Website Discord Live-Map1.12.2
Melon World161.129.155.18:25596 Discord1.15.2
Terrestria54.39.68.51:25596 Discord Live-Map1.15.1 Website Discord Live-Map1.15.1
Cathairia Discord Live-Map1.12.2
Senior Year Discord Live-Map1.13.2 Website Discord Live-Map1.15.1 Discord1.15.2 Website Discord Live-Map1.15.1
3d4hEarth99.61.165.243:25560 Discord Live-Map1.14.4
Cenis Praft54.39.141.62:2126 Discord Live-Map1.12.2
GeoCraftMC51.81.238.103:25579 Discord Live-Map1.15.2 Live-Map1.12.2

last updated: 18. February 2020

You are hosting a server with this map? Just let me know and I will add it to the list. Contact me at Discord, username: MattiBorchers#4569